Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yes I know I never blog..... But we are going to Chicago this summer for Brocks work and I am soooo excited!!! School will be over.. OVER FOR GOOD! YAA!!! We are leaving right after my graduation in April!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

This past weekend my parents came to visit! Friday me and my parents went into boston and went on a duck tour which was a lot of fun. I forgot to take my camera with me though so sorry no pics of that. After the duck tour we walked along the freedom trail then came home for the day. Saturday we went on a bus tour through the coast of maine which is sooo pretty!!!! Before we got to Maine the bus stopped at Hampton Beach which is in New Hampshire and is by far my favorite beach we have seen out here!!! I told Brock we will definitely have to go to it together one of these days. In Maine we saw a light house and President Bush Sr.s summer home. Sunday we all went to Salem and Concord. We went to the witch museum in salem which was kinda weird! We had to wait 30 minutes until the tour started so we went to the park that was next door that was having a culture festival and ate lunch. There was some kids putting on a talent show and were doing a russian dance. It was kinda fun to watch. After that we went to Concord where one of the first shots of the American Revolution occurred. It was so pretty there. There was this amazing river that was there. It was so neat to be standing on the ground where people fought for our country. On the way to concord we stopped at the house of the "Little Women" and a few other houses of some famous poets. Afterwards we met up with my cousin Wade in Boston and had dinner. It was so much fun!!!President Bush's Summer Home
Hampton Beach

Pretty river in Concord
Statue of one of the men who fought in the revolutionary war

This pic is classic ha ha me and brock were pretending we were taking senior pics of each other. It was pretty funny probably something that youd have to be there to laugh ha

Russian Dancers

Mom and Dad eating in Boston. It was so yummy!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Halloween in JULY?!! ... and pics of sail boston

It was Kevins birthday this week so they threw him a halloween birthday party! I guess they do this every year! Everyone dressed up in costumes and rachel made yummy treats and we played games it was a lot of fun! They even had a cotton candy machine! Brock dressed up as the milk man and i dressed up as the milk mans pregnant lady ha ha.
Staci made these costumes! They looked great!
Nicole and Jason were salt and pepper shakers

Mummy contest!

All the boys
Before the party we went with Jason and Nicole to Sail Boston. They had a bunch of old sail boats on the harbor from different countries to see. It was pretty neat and the ships were huge!

Monday, June 22, 2009


Saturday night after the boys got off work we headed for New York City! Jason and Nicole and Jake, Katie, Macie and some of the techs came with us. Saturday we spent the night in Stamford CT and then Sunday morning we went to sacrament meeting and then took the train to New York! It was so fun to be there with Brock. I love Sundays because that is the only day of the week that I get to spend all day with him! We rode on the double decker buses which saved us from a lot of walking. By the end of the day we were so tired still had a 4 hour ride. But is was worth it!

Riding the train into NY
The tour bus

Little Italy-- I love coming here!

Pic of some random building. Brock loved seeing all the buildings and learning about the architecture.

These are the badges of all the police officers etc who volunteered during 9/11. There was badges from all over the world! It was really neat to see. Ground zero is under construction and all fenced off so you cant see much of it.
The view on the 50th floor of on of the Hilton hotels. This city is so big!

Cute couple kissing under an arch in central park :)

Bridge in central park. It is such a big park we only walked through a small part of it. There was even a carnival going on in it!

Eating at a pizza place at time square.
I LOVE time square at night! Brocks poncho is hot! ha

M&M Store

Grand Central Station-- Heading Home.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun day in the rain!

This morning Jake got all the guys together, put them in teams and had them play basketball, ultimate frisbee and steal the flag against each other. What made it all the more exciting was that it poured the entire time! Some of us girls kept score while they played and got drenched as well! It was a fun morning!

The girls

Big Welt!!!!! From there water balloon fight What a trooper!

Lining up for the water balloon fight

Saturday, May 30, 2009

New York City

Monday we went to New York City- we rode on a bus for 4 hours to get there but it wasnt as bad as it sounds. I have never been to New York before and could not believe how big of a city it was! We rode on a double decker bus when we got there that took us to all of the major places to see. It was way nice cuz you could hop on and hop off anytime you wanted and then they would come pick you up. I loved going to little Italy.... it was crazy that everywhere you turned was an Italian resteraunt. The food was yummy! They had flea markets everywhere so me and shay tried to barter with the people a little bit... were not the best at it but we are getting better! haha I loved time square and central park.... we didnt have a lot of time to walk through central park or to go tour the statue of liberty so hopefully me and Brock will go back there sometime this summer.

Little Italy
Eating at Little Italy
Our fun bus
Time square

Harvard and the Boston Temple

Sunday after dinner we went and walked around Harvard and then went to see the boston temple. The Temple was so pretty! Here s some pics......